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Paint additives & crosslinkers 3/7/2014
Paint additives are used in small amounts to fine-tune properties, such as particle size (dispersing agents), wetting and leveling (wetting agent), foaming ...
Capa™ Polyols Capa™ 2054 3/7/2014
Capa™ 2054 is a standard grade low molecular weight, linear polyester diol derived from caprolactone monomer, terminated by primary hydroxyl groups. ...
Charmor™ DP15 micronized polyols 3/7/2014
Charmor™ micronized polyols are a rich carbon source for production of superior intumescent systems. Charmor™ DP15 is a super micronized dipentaerythritol ...
Decorative coatings 3/7/2014
Coalescing agents lower the minimum film formation temperature for all typical aqueous dispersions such as acrylics, styrene-acrylics and polyvinyl acetate. ...
Acrylic monomers for paints 3/7/2014
Acrylate monomers are used as co-monomers for the manufacture of both water and solvent borne acrylics and styrene-acrylics but also to polyvinyl acetate ...

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