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whitelase supercontinuum system
SC400-PP and SC480-PP are ultra-broadband supercontinuum radiation sources with a built in pulse-picker to control repetition rate. These systems are ideal for time-resolved measurements where the pulse-to-pulse spacing can be optimised for specific applications. They maintain the very high spectral brightness and excellent beam quality common to all Fianium Supercontinuum systems.

The WhiteLase micro is a quasi-continuous wave, 20MHz repetition rate system which offers a generous wavelength range of 450nm extending to greater than 2000nm, giving a total output power of more than 200mW. The laser-like beam allows for easy collimation, beam steering and focusing to a diffraction-limited spot for use in a variety of applications. The unit is operated by the flick of a switch and can be either mounted to optical bench or incorporated into optical tool.


Fluorescence Imaging
Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM)
Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) Microscopy
Single Molecule Imaging
Broadband Spectroscopy
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
Flow Cytometry
Industrial Inspection

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