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Noble knights - Walter AG launches ground-breaking mill concept


Mills and knights have something in common. A mill carries equipment, and can turn skilfully with "blades". Walter took the motif of the noble knight and developed a new generation of mills which are hard to resist thanks to their "powerful, precise, reliable" properties.

"As we considered which symbol best embodies the features of a modern milling cutter, we quickly decided on the knight", explains Wolfgang Vötsch, who is responsible for worldwide product management of milling at Walter AG. "The popular image of the knight is as a noble helper in times of need, someone who is characterised by reliable inner and outer values."

Noble - this attribute is ideally suited to the new generation of mills from Walter AG which will be launched under the product name Blaxx™. Blaxx™ stands for power, precision and reliability, the "chivalrous virtues" of modern precision tools. In order to make these virtues a reality on the machine tool, the Walter specialists created a ground-breaking tool concept on the highest possible technical level.

Specifically: Even at first sight, the completely new finish in high-gloss black has a noble appearance, with the product name Blaxx™ being derived from that. And yet this finish is not simply visually appealing, since it also has the function of being extremely resistant. It substantially reduces the effects of wear and corrosion. Highly precise indexable insert seats also clasp the cutting edges just as knights with their forged gloves clasp their shining swords.

Equipped with these features, Walter is launching the first such tools, the two shoulder mills F5041 and F5141. In addition to the features already mentioned, these are also fitted with tangential inserts as an extra feature. On the one hand, these allow an extremely stable tool body to be designed, and on the other, they provide a great deal of carbide volume in terms of cutting force, i.e. an above-average level of process reliability. The result is an enormously robust tool design, which ensures quiet, low-vibration running.

The precision inserts, manufactured in sizes LNHU0904 and LNHU1306 have four twisted, softcutting edges. The high runout precision and concentricity of the body, and precisely 90 degree perpendicularity to the workpiece being worked on ensure accurate results. Cutting depths of up to 12 mm are possible with the larger LNHU1306 indexable insert. Since the insert seats and chip clearances for the tangential inserts demand less material in the tool body, smaller tool diameters can be achieved, and more inserts can be spread across the circumference than with other mill designs. The new Blaxx™ shoulder mills are therefore available with diameters starting at 25 mm. Fitted with more cutting edges, they also allow up to 30 per cent higher feed rates.

It goes without saying that for such a noble tool concept, only the best cutting tool material is good enough. The image of the knight, who forms a single unit with his sword, which acts as an extension of his arm, also applies to the Blaxx™ mills, which likewise blend into a single unit with Tiger- tec® Silver. The above-average performance of the cutting tool material ensures that power and precision last. Walter currently supplies two CVD and PVD coated grades. The special package made up of precision tool body and high-performance cutting material ensures process reliability, on which the machining operator relies more than ever. "So we say", claims Wolfgang Vötsch, "Blaxx™, powered by Tiger- tec® Silver."

Caption: Blaxx™ F5041 shoulder mill for the 25 to 63 mm diameter range, for cutting depths of up to 8 mm.

Caption: Cutting depths of up to 12 mm are possible with the larger LNHU1306 indexable insert.

Caption: Blaxx™ F5141 shoulder mill in the 40 to 125 mm diameter range, for cutting depths of up to 12 mm.

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