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FPT Industrial as main partner of TEDxTorino With Cursor X


FPT Industrial is the main partner of TEDxTorino, which will dedicate the 2019 edition to Leonardo da Vinci, 500 years after his death, celebrating the genius of him as painter, mathematician, architect, philosopher and extraordinary inventor. On February 10th, in Turin, TEDx brings on stage the "genius ex machina" par excellence, who changed the world with his creativity and revolutionary ideas.

This is the ideal opportunity for FPT Industrial to present to the public at the event Cursor X, the Power Source concept developed by the Brand's innovation team. The concept, "designed for Planet Earth", represents FPT Industrial's vision on the future of powertrain. Cursor X main features can be identified by four "Ms": Multi-power, Modular, Multi-application and Mindful.


The Cursor X Concept would adapt to provide the most suitable solution for the customer's business and mission, whether based on Natural Gas internal combustion, Hydrogen Fuel Cell electric generation, or on battery-stored energy. This range allows combinations from pure electric to parallel and serial hybrid. Energy transfer to the wheels would change accordingly, with the option of a mechanical transmission to be coupled with electric drivelines.


The Power Source Concept would be the same size as an internal combustion engine, with a modular architecture that allows easy assembly, vehicle integration, servicing and full scalability. The modularity would allow the solution to be implemented with all FPT Industrial engine families in a wide range of power nodes. It could also be supplied as an all-inclusive package or in a knock down configuration.


Thanks to its wide range of options, the Cursor X is designed to supply energy for traction, auxiliary systems, implements and PTOs to any kind of industrial vehicle or machine. - from delivery vans to buses, from small dozers to crawler excavators, from specialty tractors to combines. The solution could also be offered as a pre-validated standard package for low-volume products that require electrification.


The Power Source Concept has been designed to have self-learning capability and to provide a significant amount of information for further hardware and software design developments. It could be equipped with processors and sensors that recognize anomalies, analyze wear and tear and predict maintenance needs. It could also be connected for continuous communication with the external environment, sending valuable operational data to stakeholders. Overall, the Cursor X is intended to be aware of its status, capable of anticipating future trends through the exploration of Artificial Intelligence and enabled to interact with the Control Room.

On February 10th, at 2 p.m. CET, 14 guest speakers will alternate on the stage of the Agora room at UniManagement (Via XX Settembre 29, Turin). Each of them will have five to fourteen minutes to share their ideas, personal experiences, or innovative discoveries with the audience in the room and in live streaming. The event will revolve around three main topics: science and technology, corporate human capital, and gender discrimination, with a single common thread - man. TEDxTorino will put in discussion the hybrid world, in which man and machine interact, as well as magnetic levitation for urban transport, concrete houses made with 3D printing, new paths in regenerative medicine, and even demonstrate in real time an "artistic robot" that will interact with the audience.

This is how technology, specifically at the service of mankind, is changing the present and the future. An increasingly technological era that cannot continue without man: the discussion will also explore the criticality of human capital, new business models, diversity as an added value, as well as alternative thinking and creativity, in a world at risk of standardization.

The guest speakers of TEDxTorino 2019 are Michela Murgia, Chris Bangle, Chiara Gastaldi, Francesca Santoro, Andrea Vaccaro, Osvaldo Danzi, Filomena Floriana Ferrara, Carlo Ventura, Alessia Clusini, Viviana Pinto, Guglielmo Carra, Ivan Ortenzi, Stefano Camera and Alessandro Invernizzi.

During the event, FPT Industrial will show the Cursor X in a space dedicated to man-machine interaction, where participants will be able to become Leonardo da Vinci for a moment in an exclusive photo setting. In addition, designers from the CNH Industrial Design Center will stage a live performance to show how an engine is made, from the start idea to the actual manufacturing.

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