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DSM introduces Stanyl Diablo OCD 2305 BM, the first high temperature polyamide for blow-molded ducts


Air ducts made in Stanyl Diablo OCD 2305 BM are lighter than current solutions in metal or PPS and can handle continuous temperature up to 230 ºC.

DSM, the inventor of the Diablo technology, has launched Stanyl® Diablo OCD 2305 BM, a special heat stabilized blow molding grade of Stanyl polyamide 4.6, developed specifically for hot charge air ducts. It is the first high temperature polyamide suitable for processing by extrusion-blow molding and with a significant cost benefit compared to PPS, thanks to its lower weight and scrap rate.

Stanyl Diablo OCD 2305 BM, the latest addition to DSM's Diablo family of polyamides, is a more cost-effective alternative to metal and PPS (polyphenylene sulfide). It is currently the material of choice for thermoplastic hot charge air ducts and capable of resisting continuous temperatures of up to 230 ºC.

The lower density of Stanyl OCD 2305 BM reduces part weight by 7% compared to PPS. Better wall thickness distribution can even raise that value to over 10%. Stanyl Diablo OCD 2305 BM can also be seen as an alternative to metal: it reduces both weight and costs, and has better acoustic behavior than metal solutions.

Stanyl Diablo OCD 2305 BM was developed by DSM to meet the needs of the automotive market, where new EU legislation has set stringent emission reduction targets for 2015. This has led to a trend in smaller vehicles with downsized engines. Creating these smaller engines requires new part designs. However, air ducts, either in metal or injection molded in plastic, do not offer the design flexibility needed to fit complex under-the-hood geometries. This requires the next generation of hot charge air ducts created using blow molding techniques, as being the most cost-effective way of producing such parts.

The first company to deliver serial ducts from Stanyl Diablo OCD2305 BM is ETM. ETM looked for an alternative blow molding material to produce hot charge air ducts for Volkswagen.

Speaking on behalf of the company ETM Mr. Klockow (General Technology Manager at ETM) said: "ETM sets out to meet the needs of its customers both for today and tomorrow. The new DSM material is clearly designed to address the challenges faced by the automotive industry. We are happy to be the company which brings to market the first blow molded ducts made in Stanyl Diablo OCD 2305 BM, approved by Volkswagen."

With its Stanyl Diablo OCD 2100 and OCD 2300 injection molding grades of polyamide 4.6, DSM pioneered the development of polyamides with high resistance to long term heat aging. The company's Turbo System Team has built up considerable experience in air management applications over many years. "With this new grade, we are completing the portfolio for air management solutions." says Kurt Maschke, Global Segment Manager, Turbo System. "We now offer solutions for all temperatures required, with both injection molding and blow molding grades."

According to Kurt Maschke, ducts in Stanyl Diablo OCD 2305 BM are able to withstand temperatures of up to 230ºC, according to different OEM requirements: "Because Stanyl Diablo is less dense than PPS, and because processors using Stanyl Diablo have better control over wall thickness distribution compared to PPS, it is possible to make parts in Stanyl Diablo OCD 2305 BM that weigh 10% less than PPS equivalents."

Kurt Maschke also points out that Stanyl Diablo has very good impact resistance: "It is not unknown for PPS air ducts to crack during handling." he says. "As a broken part is only checked after assembly, costs can be reduced easily with Stanyl Diablo OCD 2305 BM. It will reduce scrap rate and - even more importantly - reduce the risk of having a broken part fitted to an engine."

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