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XERAN® resins
Our XERAN® polymers contain maleic anhydride (MA) groups in the polymer chain, these highly functional MA group make our XERAN® a very efficient compatibilizer.

XERAN® polymers have a-polar and polar parts in the polymer chain making them ideal for normally immiscible systems, such as PC/ABS or PA/ABS. Additionally our XERAN® products can act as adhesion promoter in systems which normally require a primer or adhesion improver. XERAN® can also act as chain extender due to the presence of the MA groups which are reactive towards polyamides, polyesters and polycarbonate.

Most polymer blends are immiscible and need to be compatibilized, which makes it hard to determine an exact type for every specific blend on the market, but Polyscope works together with it's customers to find the best possible solution for the compatibilization of their polymeric blends. Our experience with versatile MA groups can support our customers for the key properties necessary for a good compatibilizer.

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