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XIRAN® compounds
XIRAN® compounds can be impact and glass reinforced modified SMA copolymers. The glass reinforced series XIRAN® SG grades are widely used in the automotive industry providing an excellent property profile for structural parts such as instrument panels (IP), carriers, and trims. XIRAN® SM grades are impact modified as well, but do not contain glass fibers, making them ideally suited for aesthetical applications requiring a smooth surface. Furthermore we supply XIRAN® SE grades, these compounds are optimized for sheet extrusion.

Our XIRAN® compounds provide:
Excellent long term heat ageing properties
Best in class paint and foam adhesion
High precision molding with excellent shot-to-shot consistency
Good chemical resistance
High strength and stiffness
High thermal resistance

Your Benefits
High precision molding means lower waste and cost
New design opportunities and reduced weight
Reduced need for metal reinforcements
No flame treatment necessary
Reduced cycle times and cost

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