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2000KG IRON Induction Melting Furnace

Model: MYR-1200KW
1200KW, 2000KG IRON Induction Melting Furnace

NO Item Unit
1 The Melting capacity 2000KG
2 Max. capacity 2100Kg
3 Working temperature 1650oC
4 Transformer capacity 1500KVA
5 Rated secondary voltage 660V
6 Rated power of Medium Frequency power 1200KW
7 Max. input current of medium frequency power 2200 A
8 Max output current voltage of medium frequency power 550V
9 Max direct current of medium frequency power 2200A
10 Work frequency 1000HZ
11 Melting rate( heating up to 1600 oC ) 600 KW/T
13 Electrical consumption of melting
14 Flow of Cooling water 25 t/h
15 Water supply pressure 0.35Mpa
16 Water input temperature 5-35oC
17 Water output temperature <55oC

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