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MY Induction Co., Ltd (No. 1860)
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MY Induction Co., Ltd is located in Qingdao, one of the most prosperity harbor in China, founded in 1998, the company is engaged in R&D, production and sale of solid induction heating equipment professionally.
We have professional team of R&D and production. And they initiate the induction of heating power with environmental protection and highly effective energy conservation, positively and diligently. Now we have series of products, including the medium /high /ultrahigh frequency induction heating equipment and special systems. These products are widely applied in the heating of hardware, metal processing, plastic, deeply heating-shaping, quenching, melting, annealing, and so on.
It was certified to ISO9001:2000 quality system. Advocating quality management conception of "producing products with zero defect", the quality has been guaranteed. And now our products are sold not only in China but also oversea such as Japan, Russia, America, Canada, Thailand, Australia, India, South Korea and South Africa, etc…
- Heat treatment: hardening, induction tempering, and induction annealing.
- Induction heating prior to deformation: forging, swaging, upsetting, bending, and piercing.
- Induction brazing and induction soldering: brazing of steel, brasssteel, copper and alloy to each other.
- Induction for shrink fitting: In any manufacturing process, for example, shrinkfitting of motor rotors to shafts, shrink fitting of shell casings for compressors.
- Induction heating prior to coating: Of dissimilar metals, prior to insulation, and curing, such as paint.
- Induction melting: Of all types and amounts of metals and precious metals.
- Pipeline heating: For gas & oil pipe and tube heating. These induction heating equipment are air cooling ones. They are convenient for the outdoor low temperature operation.
- Induction prewelding and postwelding heating treatment:for large and irregular metal parts. The coil is made of high temperature line of pressure transducer. It is easy to make and adjustment according to different metal parts.
- Other applications:include crystal growing, cap sealing, sintering, carbon vapor deposition, levitation, exitaxial deposition, and plasma generation.
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Address:No.752, Middle Chongqing Rd, Qingdao, China, qingdao, China

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