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Ball Screws and Planetary Roller Screws

Moog has over 30 years experience in producing and designing customized high precision ball and planetary roller screws (ISO 3408 accuracy for classes 3-5-7) that are suitable for a variety of markets and challenging motion control applications.

Among the main features:

Various screw diameter-pitch combinations available (screw load capacity and dynamic performance)
Wide selection of screw end shafts (bearing housings, metric threads,
socket heads, wrenches, bored heads, etc.)
Nut customization (shape, flange, coupling, number of circuits, special
machining processes)
Various lubrication options (selection of the right lubricant for the application, positioning of the lubrication holes)
Selection of materials and special processing (standard and special
materials, surface treatments appropriate for the type of application)
Extremely quite operation for low disturbance and low noise applications
Compact design thanks to the Moog recirculating system design that allows a better balance of the nut
Robust design suited for heavy duty applications, vibrations and harsh environment.

Benefits and features of Moog ball screws

ISO 3408 classes 3-5-7
Diameter from 13 mm [0.5 in] to 100 mm [3.9 in]
Pitch from 4 mm [0.15 in] to 50 mm [1.9 in]
Length up to 3600 mm [141.7 in]
Load capacity:
Dynamic load up to 400 kN
Static load up to 900 kN
Acceleration 10-12m/sec2
Single or multi-start

Benefits and features of Moog planetary roller screws

Diameter from 16 mm [0.63 in] to 90 mm [3.54 in]
Nominal pitch from 2 mm [0.07 in] to 36 mm [1.4 in]
Length up to 1800 mm [70.8 in]
Load capacity
Dynamic load up to 670 kN
Static Load up to 1400 kN
Acceleration up to 40m/sec2
Number of starts: 5

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