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Versatint water soluble polymeric colorant

Versatint is a water soluble polymeric colorant engineered by Milliken for application to synthetic fibers and yarns for product identification during processing.

Our innovative textile colorants have a higher molecular weight than traditional dyes, which gives them unique properties. Application levels are typically 0.05-0.50% on the weight of the fiber. They are also water soluble, so they can be blended with lubricants and applied from a single mix. Their solubility also makes for easy cleanup from skin, clothing, or equipment.

Advantages to using Versatint

Ease of use - Water solubility makes for quicker processing times without the presence of messy and unsafe dust. Our colorants can be applied during opening or first blending by most conventional means, including spraying, dripping, or atomizing.
Superior fugitivity performance - Versatint protects against fugitivity problems even in the most critical heat setting or dyeing conditions.
Compatibility and flexibility - Our textile colorants are completely inter-compatible, allowing for easy mixing to achieve the precise colors you need. They can also be used with various diluents, and they are fully compatible with Milliken''s lines of fiber finishes and lubricants.
Service and support - Our expert support staff is on hand, backing our innovative colorants, to assist you with color matching and fiber testing to see which applications are ideal for Versatint.

Yarn and fiber identification

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