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SGL Group: New Graphite Porous Reactor Makes Treatment of Halogenated Off-Gas Sustainable


- Increased flexibility through shorter startup and shutdown periods
- Better operating efficiency through reduced maintenance needs and a longer product lifetime
- Recycling of hydrogen chloride and hydrogen fluoride possible

Wiesbaden, December 11, 2013. With the new DIABON® porous reactor, SGL Group - The Carbon Company innovates off-gas treatment. Conventional combustion units need to be operated continuously to prevent corrosion. This becomes obsolete, as SGL Group is using special graphite materials, which have a high corrosion resistance. As a result maintenance cycles and product life time are extended, which leads to shorter pay-back periods.

An additional benefit is the reactor's compact design, which reduces the system's floor space by up to 60%. The reduced thermal mass and specific DIABON® properties enable a reduction of startup and shutdown times from several hours to few minutes. For the very first time, this start/stop operation allows "on demand" off-gas treatment with a reduced energy consumption of up to 50%.

SGL Group offers the option to expand the DIABON® porous reactors with units which recover the resulting hydrogen chloride (HCl) or hydrogen fluoride (HF) for reuse in the process. As a result raw material and energy consumption can be reduced significantly.

Background: The chemical industry is demanding more sustainable solutions in the treatment and recovery of corrosive off-gases. One core focus is on fluorine- and chlorine containing off-gases, which need to be recycled so that they are not harmful to the environment. Currently this is achieved in conventional combustion chambers, which need very long time to heat-up and which can easily corrode when the unit starts up or shuts down.

The Process Technology Business Unit - Enabler of Safe and Energy-Efficient Process Solutions

Reliable, efficient and sustainable process solutions for corrosive media are at the heart of the Process Technology Business Unit (BU PT) at SGL Group - The Carbon Company. The Business Unit develops and produces customized, innovative process solutions as a dedicated specialist, not only for carbon fiber and graphite but also for materials including SiC or PTFE. BU PT offers the entire value creation chain for equipment and system assembly in the chemical industry and associated industry sectors, from material and technology selection to engineering, turnkey, on-time project management and even customer services.

For more information on BU PT and its products please visit our Internet site at

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