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New standard names for Rockwool Technical Insulation (RTI) products all over the world


Roermond / Barcelona, August 20, 2012 - The construction of industrial plants and installations as well as the shipbuilding & offshore industry are an international business. For example, engineering companies in Europe design industrial or shipbuilding projects, which are built or constructed in Africa, South America or Asia.

This increasing globalisation calls not only for a common framework when it comes to planning. It also means that we have to facilitate the movement of goods across all borders. This year, Rockwool Technical Insulation (RTI) - part of the Rockwool Group - has responded to this trend, by introducing standard product names and labelling all over the world.

Since August 2012, the new CE Mark for technical insulation products has promoted the international exchange of goods. CE Marking on a product is a manufacturer's declaration that the product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation, and has been certified by an accredited independent body. This makes the CE Mark a kind of "passport".

Two product families
In order to prevent misunderstandings and facilitate the transport of goods, together with new standard names, RTI has introduced two new product families - "ProRox" and "SeaRox". The "ProRox" range includes all products used for thermal, acoustic and firesafe insulation in the process and power generation industries. The "SeaRox" family covers all insulation products used for shipbuilding and offshore installations.

"A wide variety of Rockwool wired mats are currently available in various markets and countries, which has certain implications," says Rafael Rodriguez, Managing Director at RTI. He goes on to explain this need for harmonisation: "For example, we are currently coordinating several power plant projects in South Africa. A German engineering company is responsible for planning. In order to insulate the boiler and steam pipes, ‘ProRox' wired mats have been requested. But the boiler will be manufactured in Asia. The insulation work will be conducted by installer companies from other countries, which purchase their insulation materials from all over the world. Standard international product names and labelling therefore ensure that everyone is talking about the same product, even if they do not speak the same language. This removes a considerable source of errors." The new RTI product names include a family name for every product, together with an acronym for the product type and 3-figure code, which immediately indicate the product's main purpose and performance parameters. For example, an industrial pipe section will be known internationally as "ProRox PS 960".

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