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FIPA makes things happen: innovative grippers with a high closing force


Components for gripping small sprues and large injection-molded components

Powerful gripping, jaws that open wide: FIPA ( is extending its range of gripper components to include a series of miniature grippers and power grippers. Both series deliver a gripping force that is about 20 % higher and have jaws that open wider than comparable components. "With the new grippers, we can deliver flexible and highly dynamic handling solutions - especially for applications in restricted space or with grippers that have a high overall weight", says Rainer Mehrer, FIPA President and Owner.

As a result of the completely new design and the consistent application of light-weight technology, FIPA has succeeded in adapting the miniature grippers of the 80 series and the power grippers of the 140 series perfectly to their respective fields of use.

Thus, for example, the FIPA miniature gripper comes in at a featherweight 8 grams but can nevertheless grip small, delicate sprues firmly and securely. In relation to its size, it offers the highest gripping force and jaws with the widest opening. At an operating pressure of 6 bar, the new miniature gripper delivers a closing force of 12 N. Its small design means that it is also suitable for use in gripper systems where space is at a premium.

The new GR04.080 miniature gripper is designed especially for applications in the plastics and automobile industries and generally for handling small, delicate components of the sort used for example in electronics manufacturing and medical technology.

The new features of the miniature gripper at a glance:

Highest gripping force in relation to size: in relation to its very small size, the miniature gripper delivers about 20 % more gripping force than comparable grippers and therefore the greatest process reliability.

Large jaw opening of 8 mm: even in situations where space is at a premium, large sprues can be gripped securely.

Secure hold as a result of the circular clamping shaft: the form-fit connection ensures that the gripper is securely positioned in connecting elements.

High wear-resistance thanks to Hartcoat® coating: a special coating over the whole gripper guarantees high reliability and a long life span.

The FIPA power gripper has been designed to remove large work pieces from injection-mold machines. At 380 N, it delivers around 20 % more gripping force and has a jaw opening of 15 mm, 25 % wider than comparable solutions. With up to 40 % less weight than comparable grippers from other manufacturers, it not only reduces the overall weight of complex gripper systems, but also makes shorter cycle times and lower energy consumption possible. For a secure and precise grip on injection-molded parts, the gripper jaws are self-centering. Sensors that operate over a large surface area ensure precise detection of work pieces - regardless of where the object is positioned in the gripper. The new power gripper is available in models for sensors with PNP and NPN connections.

The Hartcoat® coating on the gripper jaws and the body of the gripper provide high resistance to wear and a long life span.

The new features of the power grippers in comparison to similar grippers at a glance:

Up to 20 % greater gripping force: a firmer grip and greater reliability, even when removing injection-molded components that are difficult to release from their molds.

Jaws that open 25 % wider: larger sprue diameters can be gripped securely. The self-centering gripper jaws also ensure a precise grip on components.

About 40 % lighter: the lighter weight has a particular impact on complex gripper systems and enables highly dynamic application and low energy consumption.

Innovative design principle: the design involves no spring-clips, making mounting and removal easier and minimizing the risk of injury.

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