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Lantek announces its nesting software for 64 bit


In its version for 64 bit, the new Lantek software will provide increased memory capacity, even higher performance and improve security

Lantek, a leading company in the development and sale of CAD/CAM/MES/ERP software solutions for the sheet metal industry on an international level, has taken its first step in upgrading its solutions to take advantage of the increased capacity offered by 64-bit microprocessors and is planning to market launch a Lantek Expert native version in 64 bit. This will be a specific version of the software so that its customers can benefit from the highest performance from current servers and equipment and, along with the version for 32 bit, will be included in the launch of the Global Release 2017. With the launch of this new version, Lantek confirms its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement easing the workload of its thousands of customers on five continents. Among other advances, the 64 bit version is estimated to deliver an improvement of up to 50% in the speed of some of the calculation processes.

"Lantek's philosophy is to always be one step ahead in its sector and the adaption of its software to 64 bit-microprocessors is a significant improvement, which will provide increased efficacy for all the functionality in its solutions. This is yet another move towards industry 4.0", explains Asier Ortiz, Chief Techology Officer (CTO) at Lantek. The new Lantek Expert for 64 bit will be able to use far greater memory volume and do so far more efficiently. 32-bit programs go no further than addressing 4GB of memory, far less than the memory available nowadays in any computer. It will now be possible to address practically all the memory available hwen required. This will particularly benefit processes where intensive use of this memory is preferable. This new version will also offer a new architecture with virtually unlimited address space for user mode processes.

Higher performance and improved security

X64 processors have double the number of general purpose registers and SSE than x86 processors. Moreover, the registers can operate with 64-bit integers. In the case of the new Lantek Expert for 64 bit, which is an application that has many calculations using complex algorithms, its output will be improved considerably with the use of these extra registers.

Another significant advantage of the new software is the increased security both in the execution of the code and in its installation. An example of this new feature is the protection offered with regard to buffer overflows which ensures the correct and secure execution of the code.

The incorporation of 64-bit capability will reinforce Lantek Expert's leadership in the market, even further, as the most advanced CAD/CAM nesting software in the world. "Since we developed our solution to optimize CNC programming for sheet metal machinery, we have gradually enhanced the capabilities of our software to offer the most advanced nesting algorithms and machining strategies. The step to 64 bit makes it an even more powerful and efficient software solution," Asier Ortiz points out.

Lantek's intention is that the 64 bit version is implemented seamlessly but at the customer's discretion, in its 2017 version. In a future version, when deemed appropriate, the 32-bit version will disappear and the version for 64 bit will be the standard offering.

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