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Screwdriver Function Modules
Screwdriver Function Modules are the basis of any automated, process-reliable screw-assembly. You benefit from our long-standing experience in the fields of screwdriving technology and assembly automation.

Wide product variety for all applications
DEPRAG screwdriver function modules excel through their wide design variety. There is a solution for every application. For example, the screwdriver function modules are available for a large torque range in both single- and multi-spindle execution.

The modular design of our screwdriving units is based on 6 different standard designs:

Standard execution
A slender design for horizontal or vertical screwdriving.
Short execution
For limited space access.
Underfloor execution
For a vertical, inverted assembly.
Vacuum execution
For difficult to access or recessed screw-locations in any assembly direction.
Pick & Place execution
For fasteners presented to a defined pick-position.
Nut execution
For the automatic feeding and assembly of nuts.

Maximum ease of integration

The compact, robust design and the simple connection ports allow the easy integration of our modules into your assembly system. Our screwdriver function module can be integrated into any machine and reduces your engineering efforts considerably. Your module is supplied as an integration ready fully functional component, which has been specifically and extensively tested with your sample parts.

Service optimized

The goal of our design engineers is the optimization of your service- and maintenance efforts.

Every DEPRAG screwdriver spindle is equipped with a quick-change-chuck that allows a fast bit-exchange that takes only seconds.

Our screwdriver function modules are designed in such a way that standard bits and sockets can be used. This results into an extensive savings of follow-up costs and reduces downtimes.

It only takes a minute to exchange a screwdriver spindle to perform a calibration or maintenance: Simply loosen one nut!

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