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Qinyang Shunfu Paper Making Machinery Factory
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1092Mm Fourdrinier And Multi-Dryer Culture Paper Machine
Product Specifications /Features
1092mm 3Tons writing paper making machine offer details :

Technical parameters:
Raw material :waste paper
Output paper: printing paper,writing paper .
Output weight: 30 ---120gsm
Paper width: 1092mm
Net-cage width: 1450mm
The gauge:1800mm
Drives: use frequency conversion, and drives by step.
Manpower : 8-10mans/shift(8hours)
Factory area required: 1200-1500m2

Lead time:30--90days

Term of payment:T/T, 30% in advance,70% before shipment

After sale service:

1,The company strictly in accordance with the signed device configuration and

technical requirements ,According to the national industry standard for design

and manufacturing, and guaranteed to the user''s device is compliant qualified products.

2, After the commencement of the contract, within ten days of the equipment design

and manufacturing company,Enduser installation process coordination, convergence,

and inspection;Business contacts on both sides of the letter have to be back within 8 hours.
3, In accordance with the mutually agreed time and the cycle for equipment installation,

and commissioning.
4, Equipment quality and shelf life of one year, the vulnerability is not within the guarantee period.

Package of quality roller shelf life of six months.Refers to all goods shipped to the user The date of

acceptance for the quality of shelf life.
5, The quality warranty period, the company free of charge to provide the necessary technical services,

Occurred as a result of equipment design, manufacturing quality problems lead to equipment,

the company will Responsible for replacement and maintenance.
6, After shelf life, the company to provide customers with technical services for life, and long-term To price and quick delivery of spare parts, spare parts.
7, The company responsible for all production technologies and installation, conferred to production workers,

Ensure that the church workers to operate.

Installation Projects

Pulping equipment installation ok

Installation of paper machine equipment ok

Common components configuration ok

Department based the installation of transmission ok

Static and Dynamic Balance correction ok

Pipeline installation ok

The adjustment of entire production line and try to run ok

I. Lead time : With 60-90 days

II.Term of payment : 40%T/T in advance ,60% T/T before shipment .

III. Shipment : It will be arranged by the seller , the seller will offer sea freight to the buyer two weeks before shipment and the buyer must pay the sea freight to seller by T/T within 3 days after receive such offer on condition they accept it. The seller need to pack all machines well.

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