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HangZhou WanJing New Material Co.,Ltd
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Anatase Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticle
Model: VK-TA18
CAS: 13463-67-7
1. The product has good property of photo catalytic and excellent transparency, can break up poisonous gases and some inorganic compounds and restrain bacterial as well as viruses growth.
2. Non-toxic, and has a good compatibility with other raw materials.
1. Item No.: VK-TA18
Appearance: White powder
pH value: 6-8
APS, nm: 18
SSA, m2/g: 60-90
TiO2 Purity: 99.8%
Loss on dry (105ºC,2h): Max 1.0%
Ignition loss: Max 2.0

2. Item No.: VK-TA18S
Appearance: White powder
Surface property: hydrophobic
APS, nm: 18
SSA, m2/g: 90-110
TiO2 Purity: 96-98%
Loss on dry (105ºC,2h): Max 1.0%
Ignition loss: Max 2.0

1.The product can be used in coating, indoor air purification.
2.Used in photocatalysis filed, solar battery, environmental purification, catalyst carrier, Lithium battery, gas sensors.

Package: 15kg/barrel

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