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EASYNEW Walk-through Metal Detector
Model: en-b
This manual will tell you how to operate Walk-Through Metal Detector correctly.

Please read this manual carefully, then you can Read other parts.

1. 200c can be used indoor only, if you want to use outdoor, you should have anti-canopy. 300B can be used outdoor without anti-canopy.

2. Metal Detector should not have big metal and Magnetic field at surroundings to avoid Interference. If so,it must have more than 1000mm between door and door .(according to the sizes of the door)

3. The place where Install the door should far away from Power Line and cable.

4. Please distinguish the right and left door panel, pre-install the door and signal lines Probe location and shows the probe into lines corresponding logo.

5. Installed in the door on the ground without vibration, when people pass through the door, please avoid a collision.

6. Security doors need 1 more minute after power on in order to achieve the best condition.

7. Non-professionals persons are not allowed to demolish or uninstall the main chassis components.

8. Each metal detector door with a single warranty, within the warranty period, it will be free of charge with the warranty documents.

9. This manual is applies to the goods of GC-300B

Products introduction

???The walk-through metal detector is divided into 6 parts which are reduplicated one another to be a reticular exploring area, according to the nature structure of human being.
???Using the unitary frequency stimulating technique compiling with well- mixed vertical magnetic field intensity, our product is in high-detected sensibility, and can also eliminate the specified section, which is hard to inspect or cannot inspect. And that means, by using the very machine can deduct your anxiety on this issue.
???With the special property of quakeproof and no interference, it will work precisely even when the detector is shaking.
???With 100 grades of inspecting sensibilities, user can set up at any degree willingly. When set to the highest grade, the machine can check out a metal small as a paper clip. And the machine can work under the special ability as identifying the buckle sealed in the belt, keys, jewelries, coins and so on. In that way, we can decrease the problems that will cause embarrassment.
???With the electromagnetic compatible design, the detector can avoid the electromagnetic interference.
???By using the digital single processor (DSP) to identify the contraband single, the detector can work more precisely and much more suitable to different companies.
Every detector can work at one time in different frequencies even be placed side by side. User has no problem to check different people in different needs.
All the interfaces are supposed to eliminate storm.
???User can use R485 to connect to the computer to adjust the inspecting sensibility, to reset user''s codes, and even to keep records including numbers of passing people and the warned people.
???Fast scan power that can support 60~70 people crossing it in just one minute, and it would be even much faster when no special situation occurs.
Powerful calculation ability: our product can separate people from enter or exit, so user can easily obtain the number of these kinds.
???Our product has many kinds of warming methods, and the warming volume can be easily adjusted too.
???With the special material, the detector is against eroding, crashing, water, moistness and fire without changing its shape.
???No harm occurs: it is safe to cardiac pacemaker, expectant mother, magnetic disk, tapes and videotapes etc.
???Now we have the detector in red, white and black. If it is in great quantity, we can adjust its color and size by the client''s requirement.
???Our product applies to all the international safe standards

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