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Bowea Advance Material Technology Co.,Ltd
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3D fiberglass fabric
3D fiberglass fabric is woven out of 100% E-glass fiber,as well as carbon fiber,Kelvar fiber and other high-temperature fibers.This structure consists of two decklayers formed by warp and weft direction fiber and Z direction fiber which interconnect both decklayers.
The typical structure of vertical piles can be recognized by the 8-shaped piles in warp direction.Other shapes of vertical piles,such as I-shape and V-shape,can be realized too.
*Light weight but high strength
*Great resistance against delamination
*High design-versatility
*Space between decklayers can be multi-functional (embedded with sensors,wires or infused with foam)
*Simple and effective lamination process
*Thermal and sound insulated.; Fire retardant; Wave transmittable

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