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Needle mat
Needle mat is a new fiberglass reinforcement product.The neele mat is made from continous fiberglass strands or chopped fiberglass strands randomly looped and laid on a conveyer belt,then needle stitched together.
Needle mat is primarily used in fiberglass molding processes such as GMT,RTM,etc.Typical products are automotive running boards,architectural panels,large industrial panels and other FRP products.

*No binder or other knitting material used to bond the mat together
*Good resin flowability and imregnation capability.No white strands
*Medium rigidty and optimum molding performances
*Strand has good resistance to wash ability and suitable for RTM,GMT and other molding processes,20 N/100 MM
*The mat is suitable for thick molded components because of its strong tenacity
*Needle mat easily fills the mold and conforms to complex shapes,while providing a smooth finished surface
*The mat is fluey and convenient for running

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