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Constant temperature and humidity test machine
Product Name: constant temperature and humidity test machine
Product model: GT-TH-225Z
Constant temperature and humidity testing machine in accordance with standard: iec68-2-30 test method for low temperature test, for gb2423.1-89 gb2423.2-89 low temperature test methods, the test gb2423-93 D6 cyclic damp heat test method, IEC68-2-30 test method.
One, product size:
1 Studio size: 50 x 75 x 60 cm (W * H * D)
Two, temperature and humidity range:
1 temperature: -40 150 (can be arbitrarily set)
2 humidity: 30% ~ 98%RH (can be arbitrarily set)
Three, lift temperature speed:
1 at room temperature and 150 at 35 C for about 3 minutes (no load, about C / min)
2 at room temperature and -40 for about 55 minutes (nonlinear no-load, about 1 C / min)
Four, the main parameters:
3 Analytical precision:
Temperature: 0.1 C + 0.1%
4 control accuracy:
Temperature: 0.3 C / C + + 1.5%RH
5 distribution accuracy:
Temperature: 1, 100, 1.5, 150
Humidity: +2.0/-3.0%RH
Five, product structure:
(1) constant temperature and humidity test box body is an integral structure form, the refrigeration system is located in the box. The lower part, the control system in the upper part of the test chamber.
(2) studio at one end of the air duct dissection, the distribution of heater, evaporator, fan leaf device; test box on the left with diameter of 50 cable hole, the box test for single door (stainless steel embedded door handle)
(3) a double layer heat resistant silicone rubber seal is used to ensure the loss of temperature of the test chamber.
(4) the box door is provided with an observation window, an anti frost device and a light lamp for the switch control. The observation window is made of multi-layer hollow toughened glass, and the inner layer of the film is heated and the film is heated. The lamp adopts imported brand PHILPS lamp, which can be used to observe the change of the test in the studio.

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