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Carolina Color Introduces New G3 Line of Colorants
G3 offers pigment loadings that eclipse any other colorant technology

Carolina Color Corporation -- a successful, family-owned company since 1967 that serves colorant needs from ISO 9001:2008 certified locations in North Carolina and Ohio -- now introduces its new G3 line of colorants.

In 2008, Carolina Color patented G2, an innovative production in which pigments and additives are highly loaded, exceptionally well dispersed and can effectively distribute in both large and small parts.

Building upon the strength of G2 in the marketplace,Carolina Color has now developed its next-generation G3 product line.

Key attributes and advantages of using G3 include:

Can be used in all olefins and engineering resins
Provides highest pigment-loaded custom colors in the industry
Lowers environmental impacts with a reduction in production energy, packaging materials and C02 emissions
Supports Six Sigma/Lean production methods
Carolina Color's G3 product line will be effective in diverse applications such as Packaging, Housewares, Lawn & Garden and Transportation
Convertors will be impressed by this innovative technology, whether performing injection, blow molding or extrusion. Carolina Color expects G3 to be a home run for the industry.

Jeff Smink, President of Carolina Color stated:

We are thrilled to introduce this next generation product line and anticipate broad based adoption by the industry. Innovation is a core competency of Carolina Color and G3 is yet another example of our ability to create truly disruptive technologies that provide our customers with real competitive advantages. What I find particularly exciting is that G3 offers pigment loadings that eclipse any other colorant technology out there, including liquid. To be able to deliver colorant that efficiently and in a solid pellet form is a game-changer.

Carolina Color's North Carolina and Ohio locations provide customers with full-service production capabilities and complete laboratories for color matching, testing, and analytics. Carolina Color, a 3A1 Dun & Bradstreet-rated company, has one of the strongest balance sheets in the industry. The company's core strength comes from its ability to innovate as well as maintain strong relationships with the finest suppliers of resins, pigments, dyes and additives.

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