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Terratek Leather
Green Dot has made a better synthetic leather made with Terratek® Flex. The material is breathable and strong with an exquisite soft touch, making it more comfortable than petroleum based synthetic leathers. The material is manufactured without solvents, adhesives or harmful discharge to air or water. Because it''s made with our compostable bioplastic, the material can be returned to nature if placed in a composting environment when its useful life is over.

Better for the Environment

Synthetic leather has often been seen as a better environmental alternative to leather tanning which requires dangerous chemicals including formaldehyde and cyanide. Tanning factories release salt, lime sludge, sulfides and acids into waterways, and tannery workers have been found to have a 20-50% higher risk of cancer.

Synthetic leather has its own environmental concerns. Materials that have been made from traditional polyurethanes and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pose environmental problems including the use of nonrenewable feedstocks, phthalates and the creation of enduring waste in landfills, landscapes and waterways.

Better for Consumers

Consumers often find synthetic leather to be less desirable, lacking the supple touch and breathability of leather. Leather made with Terratek® Flex is soft and breathable. It can be made in a wide variety of colors, textures and thickness. The starch-based material is well suited to printing vivid colors and may be scented to provide further product differentiation.

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