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chiahang automation co.,ltd
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ZEROSPAN--SCR heater power regulator
Model: F/K/V
Heatsoft - (Series)
1, linear phase control ;
2, distribution of zero-level control;
3, the zero phase start running (the world''s first feature)
4, rated voltage / current range 50-480VAC/15-750A
5, F, K, V are three optional models
F Type: DIGITAL digital precision adjustment, included FUSE fuse, heat sink over-temperature protection, cooling fan;
K Type: F-type functions + Thyristor (SCR) punctured, FUSE (fuse) fuse, Heater (heating wire) disconnected, over-current, low current sensing and relay alarm contact output;
V Type: F-type functions + K-type function + constant current, constant voltage feedback, three-phase disequilibrium test;
6, are a two-year warranty
7, six free switching signal DC4-20mA, DC0-20mA, DC1-5V, DC2-10V, DC0-5V, DC0-10V;
8, DIGITAL CPU control high linearity 1%, resolution 0.4%;
110V 220V 380V 440-480V 110V 220V 330-480V 25A FB10025 FB20025 FB40025 FB40025 KB10025 KB20025 KB40025 FD10025 FD20025 FD40025 FD40025 KD10025 KD20025 KD40025 FF10025 FF20025 FF40025 FF40025 KF10025 KF20025 KF40025 FG10025 FG20025 FG30025 FG40025 35A FB10035 FB20035 FB40035 FB40035 KB10035 KB20035 KB40035 FD10035 FD20035 FD40035 FD40035 KD10035 KD20035 KD40035 FF10035 FF20035 FF40035 FF40035 KF10035 KF20035 KF40035 FG10035 FG20035 FG30035 FG40035 45A FB10045 FB20045 FB40045 FB40045 KB10045 KB20045 KB40045 FD10045 FD20045 FD40045 FD40045 KD10045 KD20045 KD40045 FF10045 FF20045 FF40045 FF40045 KF10045 KF20045 KF40045 FG10045 FG20045 FG30045 FG40045 60A FB10060 FB20060 FB40060 FB40060 KB10060 KB20060 KB40060 FD10060 FD20060 FD30060 FD40060 KD10060 KD20060 KD40060 FF10060 FF20060 FF42060 FF42060 KF10060 KF20060 KF42060 FG10060

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