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Wuhan Lotuxs Technology Co., Ltd.
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810nm Diode Laser Epilation Machine
Model: Artemis 600S
A Virtually Pain-free Diode Laser Epilation Machine

Perfect skin cooling:

To improve the cooling effect, the cooling head of the Artemis applies high power semiconductor cooling technology (Thermo Electric Cooler), which makes it quickly reach and keep constant 4 Centi- degrees even with high energy fluency treatment.

Pain-free experience:

The Artemis works by heating the hair follicle gradually to a temperature that damages the hair follicle and prevents re-growth, yet does not injure the surrounding skin.


*Key component of high power diode laser is from Germany

* Real 50% duty cycle of laser running and very high effectively cooling;
But most other products can only reach 20% duty cycle.

*With imported TEC cooling system and DI water getting the cooling result of 25 degrees to longer the lifetime of diode laser stack; But most counterparts'' only could get to the temperature of 35 degrees. Which longer the machine lifetime at most.

*All-in-one laser output head design with high reliability.

How does it work:

Under the theory of selective laser absorption, laser can be preferentially absorbed by the melanin of thehair. Therefore when the unique 810 diode laser with long pulse width and right wavelength is utilized to penetrate into hair follicle, the hair shaft and hair follicle are hearted rapidly, thus destroying the oxygen-supply organization of and around the hair follicle. To obtain the best possible results, the ingenious super-cooling technology is introduced to ensure a gentle, particular safe and virtually painless treatment.

There''re three periods of hair follice: Anagen, Catagen, Telogen. The energy of laser output only could
Injure the hair follicle of Anagen, no clear function on hair follicle of Catagen and Telogen. The laser could works only after these hair coming into Anagen, so hair removal of laser needing multiple treatments,
Getting the result of permanent hair removal.


*Treat patients year-round.

*Patients can request hair removal at any time of year.

* Diode laser hair removal machine works on all skin types-including tanned skin-and all hair pigmentation.

* So you can provide safe, effective and pain-free hair removal for anyone, anytime-without restrictions.

Warranty& After-sales service:

We provide two years warranty and lifelong maintenance.

Our company provides high quality of product and afford reasonable price. Usually the equipment could be used about 5 to 6 years without fault. There''re three ways to solve the problems:

A) If it''s simple operation problem, we''ll take video to tell you how to adjust equipment to solve the problem or we talk with you by Skype online with screenshot pictures to show you how to adjust equipment.

B) In case for any problems after you buying, you could take video about the problem and send to me, then our technician will judge what''s the problem from your video. If there''s problem with parts, we''ll send new part to replace it and you return the old part, and the part is for free.

C) If all above methods still couldn''t solve the problem, we could dispatch our technicians to your place; You only answer for double-flight fee and accommodation costs. Our technician will help you face to face, service is for free. If needed, our technician will change the part to replace old part; The new part is for free.

Our company''s equipments are located in middle and high markets, with high quality, reliable and trustable.

We also provide training of professional knowledge and operation of the products when you buying the machine.

There is a professional international after-sale service team, who can provide you 24 hours after-sale service and technical supports, it''s made up of professional engineers who are specialized in solving after-sale problems.

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