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We offer two sizes of our standard FramePress which have been designed to offer the convenience of a framed membrane system but at a lower cost than the Pro versions. The lacquered 24mm thick birch ply frame is very sturdy and each leg is fitted with a levelling foot so that it can be adjusted in situ to ensure that the bed is flat. The bed itself is made out of solid 16mm thick high pressure laminate machined with groove pattern to aid the evacuation process.

Frame presses can be purchased without a vacuum pump assembly and therefore offer an upgrade route if you already have a bag based system with an adequately large pump. As a guide the smaller of the two FramePresses should be run off a minimum 16m3 per hour pump and the larger off a 25m3 per hour pump. Smaller pumps than this can be used but you may notice a slightly lower level of ultimate vacuum.
FramePress Pro systems are supplied with a 40m3 per hour vacuum pump.

FramePress - FP913
Internal dimensions of frame - 900mm x 1340mm
Height of standard polyurethane box membrane - 400mm
Recommended minimum pump size - 16m3 per hour
Vacuum level - up to 85% - 8.5 tonnes per m2 (with 16m3 per hour pump - not included)

FramePress - FP922
Internal dimensions of frame - 900mm x 2255mm
Height of standard polyurethane box membrane - 400mm
Recommended minimum pump size - 25m3 per hour
Vacuum level - up to 85% - 8.5 tonnes per m2 (with 25m3 per hour pump - not included)

We can build FramePress models to other sizes so please contact us if you need a press of different dimensions.

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