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mineral water filling machine
Model: XGF 18-18-1
A. Summary:
Model XGF monoblock washing, filling, capping units (3-in-1) is new product which develops on digestion and absorption of domestic and foreign similar products, and on a combination of factory production experience for many years. The machine units have the three- function of washer, filler and capper in one body with a high degree of automation, compact structure, good outlook, convenient to operation and maintenance, safe and reliability. Continue to adjust capacity, etc. Currently, it is ideal equipment for filling non- carbonated drinks of fruit juice, mineral water, and pure water and so on. It Main apply to round or other shaped polyester bottles for washing, filling and capping. According to different bottle from customers, we only change a little to meet with requirement of customer.

B. Working process:
The bottle enters into automatic monobloc washing-bottling-capping units through air transportation channel and then pass to the washer of bottle automatic monobloc washing- bottling-capping units by means of the starry wheel.
The gripper installed on the rotary disk of washer holds up of bottle and turns it over 180 degrees along guide way and makes the bottleneck face ground. In the special washing area, the nozzle on the gripper sprays water to wash inner wall of bottle.
After washing and drying as well, the bottle turns over 180 degrees along the guide rail once again and make the bottleneck faces sky. Then cleaned bottle is transferred to the bottler from washer through bottle starry wheel. The bottle that enters into the filler is clamped and held up by neck holding plate and do the ascending and descending motion on the effect of cam. Then the bottling valve is pressed and opened by mouth of bottle moving up and bottle the bottle by means of gravity.
When finishes bottling bottle, the bottle will move down and leave off bottling valve. The filled bottle will convey into capper by starry wheel. The clamp on capper will keep the bottle upright and not rotating by clamping neck. The cap screwing head keep in the condition of revolution and autorotation and realize catching, loading, screwing discharging cap on the effect of cam and finish the full capping process. The final product is transferred to bottle outlet conveying chain and out of three-in one unit.

C.Technical Parameter:

Model XGF-14-12-5 XGF18-18-6 XDGF24-24-8 XGF32-32-10 XGF40-40-10 XGF50-50-12 XGF60-60-15
Filling head
(piece) 14 18 24 32 40 50 60
Washing head
(piece) 12 18 24 32 40 50 60
Capping head
(piece) 5 6 8 10 10 12 15
(500ml bottle/hr) 4000 6000 12000 15000 20000 24000 30000
Water washing pressure (Mpa) 0.2-0.25
Main power(kw) 2.2 2.2 3 4 7.5 9.5 12

2. Bottled Water Making Filling And Packing Production Line:

Part I: water treatment system
Raw water -> raw water tank -> raw water high pressure pump -> multi-medium filter (Quartz
sand filter) -> active carbon filter -> sodium ion exchanger -> water pump -> precision filter
-> RO device or hollow fiber ultra-filter -> ozone device -> pure water tank
Remark: Supply water for washing-filling-capping units

Part II: bottled water filling and packing production line
Pet bottle blow molding machine -> Automatic bottle unscrambler -> air bottle loading
conveyor -> auto washing filling and capping machine units( three -in one) -> bottle dryer
-> ink jet printer -> auto hot shrink labeling machine -> hot shrink label tunnel -> auto
film shrink wrapping packager-> stacker by worker

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