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aluminum dross processing machine

Model: dross processing machine
Aluminum dross processing machine

There will be lots of aluminum dross generated in the melting process, which contains large amount of aluminum from the aluminum melting furnace. If we sell them with simple dross processing, that will cause a big waste and also it pollutes the environment. But if we use rotary furnace, grinding separation by cold dross, pressing and manpower dross processing, these methods are not only low recovery rate, but also a big waste and it is harmful to the environment. So it is particularly important to maximize the recovery of aluminum from the aluminum dross and slag.
Brightstar aluminum Machinery Aluminum dross processing machine is a special machine that designed for the separating aluminum from aluminum dross and aluminum slag, which is one necessary machine in the aluminum dross processing and aluminum dross recovery. Aluminum dross processing is also one important procedure in aluminum recovery field.

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