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Three-Point Internal Micrometers - Borematic
The new generation of digital three-point internal micrometers "Borematic" by Mitutoyo enables particularly quick measurements with two preset values. The preset function allows the user to change the measuring heads in the device without any laborious resetting after every replacement - saving a considerable amount of effort and time in everyday measuring tasks.

In addition, the current models feature a large number of practical improvements.

Tests with Borematic are quick, easy to handle and safe also due to the self-centring feature of the measuring head. This is aided also by Mitutoyo''s ABSOLUTE system. With this feature, the origin needs to be set only once and then remains the absolute zero position until the next battery replacement.

Depending on the measuring range, the error limits are 0.005 millimetres or 0.006 millimetres, respectively; the resolution of the glass scales is 0.001 millimetres or 0.001 millimetres/0.00005 inches, respectively.

The height of the digits in the digital display of eleven millimetres and the display size of 41.6 x 20.3 millimetres guarantee easy and error-free readability of the measuring values even in problematic lighting conditions. A key lock prevents the accidental change of the settings as well as unauthorised use of the device.

Like all of Mitutoyo''s digital small tools, the new three-point internal micrometer Borematic is also equipped as standard with a Digimatic data output.

Of course, all new versions of the Borematic line are compatible with the series'' existing measuring heads - which, by the way, are provided with high-quality titanium-coated measuring surfaces.

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