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Shenzhen ETA electronic equipment CO.,LTD
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Automated Optical Inspection
Model: AOI
Automated Optical Inspection

ETA''s flagship product line, is the In-Line AOI designed to automatically inspect for manufacturing defects both pre and post reflow. The main difference is that systems provide in-line capability for increased throughput. These systems offer superior fault coverage and will detect defects such as component presence/absence, polarity, misalignment, insufficient solder, solder bridging, etc. The system software is very powerful yet extremely simple to use. The standard SPC software package promotes continuous process improvement by allowing the user to track and eliminate defects on inspected assemblies.

Features and benefits Exclusive inspection windows for each component type
Corresponds well to industry''s ultra small component
User selective Camera resolution
Net work based server application for SPC and Repair
Increased productivity by inspecting multiple PCB''s
Accelerated teaching time by using ATT (Auto Teaching Tool)
Adapted NG Marking system

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