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Hangzhou Shining 3D Tech Co., Ltd.
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DentalScan 3D Dental Scanner
Model: DentalScan-S
DentalScan 3D Dental Scanner | 3D Professional Scanner for Dental CAD/CAM, Dental Implant, Dental Prosthetics, Orthodontics Applications

DentalScan 3D Dental Scanner, independently developed by Shining 3D, is mainly designed for dental gypsum model scanning and measuring. 3D Dental Scanner capture the high-accuracy geometrical shape of the model, which can be applied to dental implant, dental prosthetics, orthodontics and others in dentistry. Meanwhile, delicate objects like jewelry can also be scanned with DentalScan 3D Scanner.

- Dental CAD/CAM;
- Dental Implant, Dental Prosthetics, Orthodontics ;

1. Fully automatic, highly efficient
- Fully automatic scanning enables you to capture the data simply by pressing one button.
2. High accuracy and complete teeth data satisfies the requirements of the dentistry
- White-light scanning method mode provides you high-quality STL data within at accuracy of 15 Ám, which makes the CAD design easier and more accurate.
- The automatic rotating platform adopts two-axis design; DentalScan assure all parts scanned and the data has the most delicate details.
3. High speed significantly shortens the denture restoration cycle
- Advanced raster-scanning technique ensures the scanning high efficiency;
- Full jaw scanning only takes 1 minute;
- Upper and lower jaw scanning barely needs 1.5 minutes;
- Scanning of Multi dies(most 8 dies) requires just 2 minutes;
- This considerably cut down the denture making cycle and improve the denture''s quality.
4. Economical
- High quality but reasonable pricing, this helps you achieve the maximum benefits with the minimum investment.

DentalScan''s Application in Denture Restoration Process
-Obtain bite mould and make gypsum model
-Position the gypsum model on the automatic rotating platform of DentalScan (built-in fastening device available in DentalScan)
-Press the Scan button of DentalScan to start the fully automatic 360 degrees scanning process Obtain high accuracy STL 3D data. STL is an industry standard format, compatible with most CAD and CAM software
-CAD design of denture, including crown, bridge, veneer, onlay, inlay, abutment, etc.
-Edit the processing toolpath in the CAM software based on the CAD data
-CNC manufacturing or rapid prototyping

Model DentalScan-S
Resolution 1.3 mega pixels
Accuracy < 0.015mm
Scanning Range 100mm*100mm*75mm
Scanning Mode Non-contact white light scanning
Temperature 0 to 30 Centigrade
Size 460mm*285mm*250mm
Weight 15KG
Output STL
Interface USB
Power AC220V,50HZ

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