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Industrial Blow Molding Systems
GEC Industrial Blow Molding Systems are designed for the production of a wide range of industrial and technical parts including:

Automotive spoilers, duct work and reservoirs
Swing sets, slides, bicycles
Medical parts
Trash cans
Ornamental packaging
Water coolers and filtration containers
Industrial containers
Double wall parts
In-Mold Carpet, Vinyl and Component Insertion

GEC''s worldwide network of sales and service professionals work closely with customers to identify and install optimal production machinery solutions. GEC provides responsive 24-hour support for reliable, consistent production line performance.

Balanced Flow Distribution
GEC design provides balanced flow distribution within the head that optimizes seamless material reknit. Fast material and color changes are accomplished by our self-cleaning plunger and the proven spiral diverter flow paths

Rapid Internal head cleaning
The head can be cleaned within an hour using standard hand tools. No major tools or special devices are required to accomplish this cleaning. The only parts that need to be removed from the machine are two small stroke limiters and a few bolts. On-board hydraulics perform the lifting task

First In-First Out Material Flow
Our uniform flow design eliminates stagnant areas, dead spots and flakes of burnt plastic, which prevents streaks and related defects. Fast and even parison drop and excellent concentricity assure the high quality parts you desire.

Unique flow ring
Wall thickness adjustments for parison curl are performed by four bolts that shift a flow ring in the bushing. The head tooling and program rod itself remain centered to the head.

Extrusion System
GEC Extruders are designed for maximum efficiency and dependable operation. System features include:
Water cooled grooved feed throat for consistent high output at low melt temperatures

Water or air closed loop barrel cooling
High efficiency screw design
Standard variable AC motor drive
Hopper magnets to protect the extruder and tooling
Single or dual extruders

Clamping System
GEC''s exclusive clamp design delivers unmatched production consistency and product quality. Clamping features include:
FEA designed clamping system with three tie bars designed to minimize deflection
Open press design facilitates mold changeover and part removal
Long life oversized bearings and guide rods
Servo valve actuation on presses for independent platen movement
Centerline platen stop with no "over travel" eliminates damage to molds, tooling, and blow ping
Automatic doors for safe operation
Regenerative hydraulic system with "kicker" cylinders for fast cycling, immediate tonnage and response time.

Press roll out feature
Motorized movement provides easy and safe access to the accumulator head and mold area for changeovers and for maintenance.

Press side-to-side adjustment
In-process press adjustments can be performed using this feature. This is particularly helpful in centering parisons to the mold cavities. Low-friction manual adjustments can be made with a small adjustable wrench.

Motorized up/down press adjustment
Allows process and machine adjustments to be performed quickly and easily, from either the operator station or an operator pendant. No need to loosen or tighten bolts.

Standard servo press design
The electronically controlled press allows individual press-half motion and platen position superior to mechanical synchronization while optionally providing asynchronous motion for use with non-symmetrical molds. This avoids any mechanical backlash from rack and pinion and enables the perfect condition for setting up blow pins.

Pneumatic System
Integrated controls and a flexible manifold design enables "plug and play" operation. Six valves are standard on single head machines, nine valves on dual head equipment. Additional valves are available as required.

Hydraulic System
The main hydraulic system is floor mounted for ease of maintenance and accessibility and its location eliminates troublesome topside leaks. A circulation pump ensures the continuous filtration and cooling of hydraulic fluid, extending machine life and ensuring uninterrupted operation. Servo solenoid valves are used for precision position and movement control.

Control system (XBM® Navigator)
Precision control and ease of operation are engineered into every GEC Accumulator Head machine. Control system features include:
Operator Friendly PC Control
Remote diagnostics
Onscreen parison profiling
Real time display of time, sequential function and alarm data
Programmable and savable press positioning, matched head filling and head shoot times
Fused Solid State contactors for precise temperature control
Plug-in interconnection for all major sub components

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