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Dongguan Zhuoyuan Hydraulic Pneumatic Co.,Ltd.
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HSC Hydraulic Swing Clamp Cylinder
Model: HSC
We have very professional R&D team and experienced production lines,which makes our HSC sell well.

Model Numbering System
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
HSC - MF - 25 - S - R x 90 - E

1,Series: HSC
Blank:Line Type
MF:Manifold with Flow Control
M:Manifold Type
FA:Flange Type
FM:Flange with Manifold
TB:Threaded Body
3,Cylinder Bore:
4,Clamping Arm Type:
S:Single Side Arm
D:Double Side Arm
5,Rotating Direction
L:Turn Left
R:Turn Right
NO:No Swing
6,Rotating angle:
7,E:Stroke Extension Line. FM Type


•Used for machine mainly producing parts in large quntity and MC tooling,do a good job during the improvement of production efficiency.
•Its main function is that when the hydraulic cylinder is operated,druing the stroke moving down, the clamp will swing to the designed angle and then press stringht down until it fix the part.
•Material of the cylinder is Al,harden process applied on the surface and inside surface is polished,which ensures long expecting life.


Cylinder Bore(mm): ø25ø32 ø40 ø50 ø63
Piston rod Diameter(mm):ø18 ø20 ø22.4 ø28 ø35
Swing Stroke(mm): 9 11 11 13 13
Dive Stroke(Standard/Extended)(mm): 13 15/3015/30 17/3417/34
Pressed area(pull/push)(cm2): 2.37/4.914.9/8.048.63/12.57 13.47/19.63 21.55/31.17
Clamping Force(kg/cm2):71 147 259 404647

Any other details needed,pls feel free to contact us.

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