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Innovations in the Field of Battery-Powered Saws


Battery-powered chain saws are the latest trend development in the market for forestry equipment. Meanwhile, every renowned manufacturer has them on offer, and sales figures are rising.

On the occasion of INTERFORST 2014, numerous manufacturers will present these new developments. But what is the state of affairs concerning the practical suitability of this equipment and where are the advantages in comparison with conventional saws? Is it conceivable at this stage that battery-powered chain saws will be used in professional forestry? Within the scope of a special show at INTERFORST 2014, the Board of Trustees for Forestry Work and Technology e.V. (KWF) will present this topic, answer questions and provide an overview of the market and the state of the art.

At the moment, battery-powered chain saws are still not suited to all fields of application. On the other hand, not every gasoline-powered chain saw is appropriate for every type of activity. Battery-powered chain saws are an adequate alternative in cases where it is not all about cutting as much wood as possible in the shortest time possible. "Haulers appreciate battery-driven chain saws because they do not cause the smell of gasoline while being transported in the vehicle and are ready for immediate use when logs must be cut on the way. They are quick and uncomplicated. Up to now, they have mainly been used in marginal areas in the forest, as for example for the construction of forest facilities, forest playgrounds or fences", states Michael Liehr, Head of Marketing & Trade at the STIHL Distribution Center, to describe the topical importance of battery-powered chain saws in practice. Compared to gasoline-powered saws, they also present advantages in the fields of tree and garden care and countryside conservation.

Battery-powered saws are characterized by the fact that they do not emit exhaust gases. Moreover, they cause less noise and are ready for use immediately. Compared to gasoline-powered saws, their engines can be started effortlessly. This is a decisive advantage, particularly for elderly people, for people who suffer from shoulder injuries and when working in confined places, as for example in tree care.

In addition, battery-powered devices are characterized by lower operating costs and require hardly any maintenance such as cleaning the air filter, the cooling fins or the cylinder. If a gasoline-powered chain saw is stored for a longer period, the gasoline will attack the rubber parts of the saw. Such damage cannot occur in a battery-driven saw
Meanwhile, there are models the output of which is comparable to a 2HP gasoline-powered chainsaw and which - depending on the selected chain - reach a chain speed of 20 m/sec. At the moment, the only obstacle left to using battery-driven chain saws for professional forestry work is battery life. According to the manufacturers, the average value is currently 30 minutes of pure cutting time. For this purpose, there are batteries which can be carried like a backpack and are available in different sizes. Depending on the size of these batteries, you can organize a whole workday in the right field of operation in conjunction with a fast battery recharger.

In future, manufacturers will work on more powerful batteries. Thus, both longer battery life and more powerful saws will be possible. At INTERFORST 2014, you have the opportunity to get comprehensive information about the current state of the art. All large manufacturers in this field will be represented.

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Interforst 2014
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7/16/2014 - 7/20/2014
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