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Jakarta, May 8, 2012 - Clariant, a world leading specialty chemical company, will showcase a series of new innovative products at the coming TexTech Indonesia 2012, on May 31- June 3, 2012 at Hall A, Booth AD 205-215 + 260-270, Jakarta International Expo. The new products add to an already unique portfolio and confirm Clariant as the innovation company in the textile chemicals industry. Clariant is a matchless system supplier of customized solutions and elevates the standards of the entire textiles value chain by offering benefits to all customers.


Clariant demonstrates its response to the challenge to make textile processes more sustainable with products, processes and know-how technology that address environmental concerns. These include:

The new Pekoflam® system,a fundamental breakthrough in durable fire retardant (FR) finishes, which heralds a new generation in the production of FR protective textiles. Clariant's innovative, bi-component system, Pekoflam® ECO and Pekoflam® SYN, meets the needs of the textile industry for a more sustainable and high performance FR application that can be used with existing equipment and is free* of Oeko-Tex®1) restricted materials2), commonly still found in certain FR.

Optifix® RSL liquid, a dye fixative agent for cellulosic fibers with compliance to GOTS 3.0.

The new Blue Magic process, based on Imerol® Blue liquid, Clariant's new all-in-one bleaching auxiliary, generates both economic and ecological advantages: water savings of 50%, energy usage cut by 40% and reduces process time by half. Besides its advanced brightening effect, the Blue Magic process adds up to higher productivity, simplified handling, better uniformity and improved dyeability, with less impact on the environment.


Clariant provides technical textile solutions that apply to any sector, from military and emergency services, to extreme environments and leisure pursuits.

Microcapsule composite blend Nuva® N1811 delivers superior performance in repellency, stain protection and durability. The technology allows further crosslinking and efficient crystallization of the fluoro side-chains which makes the overall finish highly efficient.

New finishing and technical textile products include new non-fluorinated water repellent agents such as the newly introduced Arkophob FFR liquid.

The Pekoflam® series, a series of highly efficient flame retardants that can be used in padding and coating processes for various fibers.


Clariant presents new performance-enhancing products for all the links in the textile chain. The multi-faceted range incorporates auxiliaries for package and beam dyeing, migration inhibitors for continuous dyeing, and disperse dyes with outstanding wet fastness properties. Featured developments include:

New Foron® shades with high fastness. The Foron® S-WF range of dyes continues to expand and the color spectrum broadens to include three new shades-Turquoise for bright greens that can match cotton standards, Vermillion for bright reds and Atlantic Blue, a greenish blue dye as a metamerism control element.

Chlorine-resistant optical brightener, such as Hostalux® ACK for polyacrilic fibers.

Solusoft® SIH, a new hydrophilic silicone micro-emulsion which supplies a super-soft handle. It is suitable for all types of fibers.

Solusoft® SE1.ID liquid is hydrophilic nano-silicone softener for polyester. It creates limited thermo-migration during blending.

Ceralube® PHD liq c, a state-of-art multifunctional product, can be used as softener for fluorocarbon treated fabrics and tear strength improver. It can also improve the sewability.

Excellent shiny effect can be achieved on cellulosic fabric by using Appretan® N9815 and Nuva® series.


Clariant recently launched exciting new developments that illustrate its commitment to provide know-how and technology to match the lifestyle of today's end consumer:

Quiospheres®3), a new high tech cosmetic micro-encapsulation for textile applications with proven benefits providing a feeling of well-being and wellness. It is a combination of high value cosmetic ingredients and a high tech encapsulation technique. The micro-encapsulations are designed into a technology which makes it possible for them to be applied homogenously on fabrics or garments. A gradual release and "transphere" of this care cosmetic is delivered by the reaction or activities of our natural skin enzymes and the new active tailored molecules of the capsules.

Double Black, a synergy of dyeing technologies that creates the most stunning, deepest black shades under any lighting conditions, with great flexibility and excellent wash fastness; designed to excite the fashion industry and possibly frustrate the paparazzi.

Lanasyn® Flavine F-5G, a new brilliant acid dye which brings a new color dimension in brightness. Lanasyn® Flavine F-5G is a new addition to Clariant's Nylosan® S, a range of acid dyes with high fastness properties even in dark shades but without heavy metals.

Valued partnership

Complementing the portfolio of Clariant at TexTech Indonesia 2012, is the integrated Sanitized® range of antibacterial additives - that can be combined with the Clariant innovations - including real alternatives to products containing Triclosan such as Sanitized®4) Silver, TH 27-24 or T 99-19.

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Indonesia's International Exhibition on Textile Apparel Technology & Machinery
5/31/2012 - 6/3/2012
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