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MINIMAT-ED, the digital screwdriver with an integrated electromagnetic shut-off clutch


DEPRAG, a market leader in superior screwdriving technology, presents a world's first at the AUTOMATICA in Munich. They are introducing an innovative electric screwdriver, the MINIMAT-ED, which is the first screwdriver with an integrated electromagnetic shut-off clutch, a convenient torque setting by the push of a button and a digital torque-display that is directly located on the screwdriver housing.

The new and handy "All-in-one-Tool" can be adapted, quickly and easily, to fit each new screw assembly requirement. The MINIMAT-ED incorporates many of the advantages that are part of the well-known DEPRAG air-operated screwdriver series. By becoming a market-leader in the area of automatic screwdrivers, DEPRAG has shown innovative products for decades and most recently introduced the EC- and EC-servo-screwdrivers, which are respected worldwide for their reliability, precision and durability. The MINIMAT®ED is recommended for all tightening applications, particularly those that require variable torque-settings. This new tool is perfectly suited for the use in rework areas with ever-changing parameters such as in the manufacturing of controllers or control boxes, as well as in all industries having mass production, for example the electronics industry.

The DEPRAG Sales Director, Mr. Jürgen Hierold, is excited about this new screwdriver: "Our MINIMAT®ED combines top-notch innovation with decades of experience in screwdriving and applications engineering and the flexibility, precision and operational feedback of our MINIMAT®- and MICROMAT®product families."

The MINIMAT®ED completes the gap between previously made available screwdriver options. Many clients prefer the air-operated Screwdriver with a mechanical shut-off clutch, due to their low cost, robust design and high durability. Our pneumatic Screwdrivers offer an extreme high precision even after millions of cycles. However, if different screws need to be assembled, then the screwdriver has to be removed from the line, the torque must be manually adjusted on the clutch and the new torque-setting needs to be verified by a measuring instrument.

Until now, the electric screwdriver has offered a real alternative for those operators working on multiple screw-assemblies with varying torque or angle parameters. However, these screwdrivers require an external controller and power supply. Such a highly sophisticated assembly system is costly and needs additional place spacing for the controller. Also, the different parameters must be pre-programmed for the each application requirement.

The new, flexible and innovative DEPRAG Screwdriver MINIMAT®ED with an integrated electromagnetic shut-off clutch, makes screwdriving as easy as ABC: just Plug and Play! The operator connects the screwdriver with a highly flexible, anti-kink and power-supply equipped power cable to a wall outlet. Then, the operator sets the required torque by pushing the button to the required measurement on the screwdriver (value is in either Nm or inch pounds). A quick look to the digital display on the screwdriver is enough to verify the selected setting and the assembly can begin by activating either the trigger-start or the push-to-start.

The ergonomically formed screwdriver achieves a torque precision that is comparable to the standard DEPRAG control screwdrivers. An LED light (either red or green) indicates to the operator whether the assembly had a good or bad cycle. The Screwdriver is password-protected to avoid involuntary parameter changes. The integrated diagnostics include: motor testing in right- and left rotation, testing of the shut-off function by the electro-magnetic clutch and signal verification to assure an optimum process control. The rotational direction can be set by the push of a button and is verified by an animated display that is located directly on the screwdriver. These features fulfill all requirements in regards to Operator comfort and simplicity.

Additionally, all important advantages of the renowned DEPRAG MINIMAT screwdriver series have been incorporated into this new tool. The housing is made from a non-slip material and it is gentle to the human skin, absorbing perspiration and oil. The well-known "rounded square" shape is made to ergonomically fit the Operator's handgrip and the tool incorporates a suspension bail for a balancer hookup. An integrated quick-change chuck assures a simple and fast bit exchange.

The MINIMAT®ED is ready for use from 100 to 240 Volts and can be used for both left- and right-hand threads. The preferred rotational direction is selectable. The Screwdriver shuts-off at the preset torque in either right or left direction and uses its maximum motor-power for the reverse. An added bonus: This new Screwdriver may be used in an ESD-environment [electrostatic discharge], which is an important feature for assemblies in the electronics industry

This new and innovative Electric Screwdriver with integrated electromagnetic shut-off clutch is very cost-effective.

The attractive resale price of approx. 2500 Euro is a much better value than a screwdriving system that uses a controller, power supply or transducer.

In the past, many clients used an air-operated Screwdriver and added separate, torque pre-set clutches, so that multiple applications could be handled with one and the same tool. If there are three different torque-requirements, one air-screwdriver with two extra clutches needed to be used. In such an application case, the MINIMAT®-ED is more cost effective.

The small space requirement of the MINIMAT®-ED, which incorporated it own control, is another advantage when compared with an externally controlled Screwdriver. This new and innovative Screwdriver is a welcome edition to the large product family of the DEPRAG MINIMAT® Screwdriver series and it offers an optimum solution for every requirement.

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5th International Trade Fair for Automation and Mechatronics
5/22/2012 - 5/25/2012
Venue: New Munich Trade Fair Centre, Munich, Germany

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