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Hauzer Launches Metalliner


In the spring of 2012 the Hauzer Metalliner was officially launched with some spectacle. More than a hundred visitors, who also attended the Hauzer conference 'Environment Protection by Plasma Coating Technology', were witnesses.

Economical production methods are necessary in all markets. Plasma coatings can add functionalities, such as hardness, wear and friction reduction, corrosion protection and scratch resistance to many different products. But the price for these coatings must be as low as possible in order to manufacture competitive products. Hauzer has a lot of experience in building robust, stable batch machines for mass production in for example the automotive market, so the step to an inline plasma coating machine for coating 2D and even 3D products was a logical one. The market moves forwards and Hauzer likes to stay ahead by fully using its strength as a creative equipment manufacturer.

Fully Automated Production Plant

The Metalliner is an inline solution which can be integrated in a fully automated production plant. The design of the machine is smart, with the possibility to use multiple plasma coating technologies together in one Metalliner. The modular design makes it possible to grow with the productivity of its owner even at a later time. Starting with five proces chambers for example and growing to ten chambers when production needs to be scaled up. Furthermore the inline solution will be characterized by high uptime and low cost of ownership. Full traceability of products will be guaranteed at all times.

Creative Equipment Building Team

The production of the Metalliner has been a combined effort of Hauzer's creative project team together with dedicated suppliers. The result is a machine that can be productive in many different markets, using many different technologies and creating opportunities for companies that never thought about plasma coatings and their advantages before. Tailor-made, mass production and flexibility are all terms that directly relate to the Metalliner and Hauzer expects that this machine can make a change in 3D plasma coatings and their markets.

'Environment Protection by Plasma Coating Technologies'

The launch of the Metalliner was part of the conference 'Environment Protection by Plasma Coating Technologies'. At this conference BMW, Schaeffler Technologies, University of Leeds, Fraunhofer IST, HVM Plasma, Ionbond, Sidasa and Hauzer presented their latest developments.

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