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Clariant presents Quiospheres® for all day, everyday cosmetotextiles


Muttenz, October 18, 2011 - Clariant offers textile manufacturers and brands a new high strength, high performance effect in cosmetotextiles that generates wellness and well-being to the consumer. Quiospheres® uses state of the art cosmetic microencapsulation that can be applied to any fabric. Clariant's high-tech textile technology provides the key to creating the long lasting cosmetic effect of the fabric.

"Quiospheres® is a major breakthrough in the area of cosmetotextiles," says Rainer Roesch, Head of Marketing & Application Development of Clariant's Business Unit Textile Chemicals. "Lipotec SA has been our partner in this innovation. Lipotec has great expertise in advanced active ingredients and the encapsulation of cosmetics. We have combined their cosmetic expertise with our textile technology to create a product that contributes and provides cosmetic wellness effects without effort on the part of the end user. It's a win-win development for textile manufacturers and brands. Quiospheres® creates almost limitless opportunities for added value textile products."

Manufacturers and brands have a choice of two effects: Quiospheres® Moist, which provides hydrating and moisturizing properties and Quiospheres® Slim, which offers firmness and wellness. Each product has been designed with the latest state of the art technology to offer enhanced level of wellness and well-being.

Quiospheres® ‘transpheres' softness, firmness and smoothness to the skin in an invisible gesture and the cosmetic benefits and claims are supported by Lipotec's R&D&i (Research & Development & innovation), which are well recognized by the global cosmetics industry.

Quiospheres® utilizes Clariant's innovative technology to produce a homogenous, durable application of Lipotec's high value, microencapsulated cosmetic ingredients onto wovens, knits and non-wovens. It can be applied to any textile fabric, such as cotton, and nylon.

The application technology of the microcapsules to the fabric is quality controlled and they are distributed evenly across the fabric. Quiospheres® microcapsules are protected and unaffected by the impact of handling, mechanical stress and high temperature throughout the production process of the fabric.

Beside the high quality ingredients, the cosmetic effects are released towards the skin through a unique two-step technology. The first step is the ‘transphere' of the microcapsules from the fabric, thanks to the special design of Quiospheres®, which confers them a high affinity for the skin. The perfect affinity of Quiospheres® is a key for the effective transference and the homogenous flow of feelings of well-being and wellness.

The second step is a proven gradual release and ‘transphere' of the cosmetic ingredients caused by the reaction or activity of our natural skin enzymes with the microcapsule shell's components, allowing the ingredients to be delivered to the skin. Lipotec's ingredients (such as peptides) have been proven to be biologically active. Among them, a series of new peptides have been tailor-made with biomimetic criteria, emulating the natural skin molecules and improving its functionality. Once the garment or product is worn and comes into contact with the skin, the release of the cosmetic ingredients begins. The longer they are worn, the better the feeling of well-being.

The release of the ingredients is scientifically measured and continues for an extended period of time. Not only are the ingredients long lasting but the fabric has a high wash resistance and the microcapsules remain effective through 20 wash cycles. Garments incorporating Quiospheres® can be tumbled and ironed at warm temperatures up to 70oC. Sensitive laundering is recommended for Quiospheres® finished garments to support a long lasting effect of the microencapsulated cosmetic ingredients.

For the end user, Quiospheres® will be seen as a real advance in cosmetotextiles and an effortless means of generating feelings of wellness and well-being, all day, everyday.

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