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Panasonic's new fan is a ball that simulates wind


If you want the best fan for your home then it's hard to beat Dyson's range of blowers. They don't have any blades, theyblow hot and cold, and the latest model evenfilters the air. However, to compete with Dyson you can differentiate a fan with a few novel features, and that's exactly what Panasonic has done with its new Q fan.

The Q is a small, 25cm diameter cool air fan that's shaped like a ball, weighs 2.1kg, and red, gold, or white in color. The fan's small size belies its power. The design of the unit combined with an embedded turbo fan allows the Q to blow up to seven times the amount of air sucked in through its suction port. This is made possible because the air is induced around the air outlet on the fan.

As well as being a very powerful fan, this feature also makes it very efficient. On its highest setting the fan only uses 18.5 watts of power, while the lowest setting consumes just 2.5 watts.

The other novel feature the Qfan has is its ability to simulate wind. We've all experienced how uncomfortable and tiring sitting in front of a fan all day can be, but it's necessary on very hot days where you are tied to a desk, or hot nights when you're trying to sleep. Panasonic believes it has solved the problem with wind. The airflow from the Q can be automatically varied to simulate a natural wind, which in turn keeps us cool without making us tired or uncomfortable.

While it may not blow hot,Panasonic believes the Q can also help to better heat your home. The fan can be setup to improve air circulation around a room, so placing it near a heat source should see the heat distributed much more quickly and efficiently than it otherwise would be. I imagine that's also a cheaper solution than having a hot blowing fan running.

Panasonic is only releasing the Q in Japan for now on May 20, with 2,000 units being produced every month and selling for a retail price of around $330. If it proves popular, I can see the Q heading to the US and Europe as well as being offered in a larger range of colors.

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