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Lantek launches new version of its software solutions for the sheet metal industry


The multinational software company's new portfolio offers advances in calculating nesting and machining, and improved manufacturing management that can be integrated with all CAD market solutions

Lantek, world leader in the development and marketing of integrated CAD/CAM/ERP solutions for the sheet metal and structural steel industry, recently unveiled its new 2014 portfolio. The portfolio includes innovative improvements in 2D and 3D CAM solutions, manufacturing management, and mechanisms for integration which, facilitate the user's experience, reducing the time and materials required for manufacturing, and increasing the options for integration with the most popular CAD solutions on the market.

"Lantek has the largest software portfolio in the industry and can offer a comprehensive solution, in an advanced and technological environment, for every function and department of a company. The ultimate goal is for everything that happens in a company to be available for management and monitoring in real time, with integrity and guaranteed access capability. In short, we provide innovative solutions that significantly simplify the processes within a company," explains Alberto Martínez, Director General of Lantek.

One of the core commitments of the Miñano-based company is to update and reformulate its technological solutions to meet the growing design, nesting, machining and manufacturing needs of companies in the sheet metal processing industry. Its dedication has yielded results, since there are now more than 14,000 customers around the world using Lantek technology.

Among the improvements which Lantek has introduced this year is the integration of its 2D CAM solution with the Lantek Expert suite. This integration has achieved significant results in terms of user experience and increased productivity.

Lantek's 2D CAM solutions also include improvements in the nesting workspace parts display panel, and the settings for geometry import. Now the system can automatically select the technology required according to the type of contour and show the overlap in the punching operations.

More accurate and more productive nesting

Lantek continues to innovate its nesting algorithms for increased business productivity. New options include: defining ranges by thickness, destruction of holes, and improved drilling and overlap technology.

Additionally, the multinational software company has strengthened its technological capacity to handle the latest generation of machines, such as fiber-optic laser cutting machines and combination machines which include milling capability.

The new Lantek portfolio now includes advanced 3DCAM for specialized tube and pipe machining. Significant improvements enable efficient use of material through the selection of nesting criteria and the preparation of tubes and beams. Amongst other new functionality in the 2014 catalogue, Lantek Flex3d solutions now has flexible management of instructions and different cycle types for machining parts on flat or curved surfaces.

Price calculation by thickness and format in real-time

Another key element of Lantek's advanced technology is the functionality and solutions it offers for manufacturing in the workshop environment. Grouped under the Lantek Workshop range, it includes Lantek Manager, Lantek Wos and Lantek Workshop Capture. The 2014 catalogue includes improvements in material and cost management, with material price calculation according to thickness range and format, automatic updating of material price based on purchase history, and advanced calculation of time for operations without cuts.

Furthermore, Lantek has enhanced its real-time workshop monitoring capability. Advances include detailed monitoring of machine workloads, and direct communication solutions between the factory and office.

One of the hallmarks of Lantek's technology is its versatility and compatibility with all the most widely used solutions in the sheet metal industry. The Lantek Flex3d Addins product provides enhanced integration with the most popular CAD software solutions on the market, such as: Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor and Active Job. Additionally, Lantek has expanded its Masterlink integration mechanism options for managing imported parts during the nesting process and, offers a full catalogue of online services through its powerful API Avantiaservices for the integration of production and the inventory.

"Not only do we provide the technological tools necessary for our customers' production processes, we also develop management and improvement programs which are applied to our technology to optimize the performance and efficiency of the software we sell. We can completely adapt our solutions to our customers' technical and productive needs and specificities enabling them to benefit from the full potential offered by Lantek. Our technology is capable of mimicking the way each company works and of bringing innovation to our customers' processes. In this way, they are able to reach maturity in their management and operate at the same level as the leading companies in the industry," says Alberto Martinez.

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